Food History (and Religion) – An Introduction to this Site

I love food and I love history, so it was inevitable that my love of both of these would come together.  Through the years I have always enjoyed knowing about the foods I ate, the origin of the dishes, or where the tradition of eating a particular item on a holiday or event came from.  A few months ago, the opportunity to write about food and food history had arisen, and I took advantage of it, writing and publishing my first article (about bread and Passover) in the newsletter of the religious institution which I belong.  For the past few years I have been in charge of creating, preparing, and cooking meals for large groups (for up to 13o people) and was initially going to write only a recipe column. [In my first meeting (at the organization’s Men’s Club) I mentioned that I had worked in a restaurant – the next thing I knew I was in charge of cooking breakfast for 100 people a month later, and they must have liked it, since they keep on putting me in charge of cooking every since.] But my philosophy, especially when it comes to cooking, is to take it (anything) to the next level.  So instead of just a recipe, I submitted an article about a food and it’s history followed by a related recipe. Because the article was written for a religious institution, I also inter-weaved religion and religious tradition into the article as well.

Each month I will continue to write and submit articles to the newsletter, although due to size limitations, the newsletter articles will be limited to 1,000 words, while I am unlimited on this blog. The main reason for creating this blog is to allow myself to write and then write some more without limitations – the temple will get a great article (albiet shorter), but I can now share food history with the world via this site.  For now I will focus on food and its interrelation with Judaism and Jewish tradition, but I do intend on expanding the articles (non-newsletter) to include Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and other religious culinary traditions and history, as well as pure food history articles that do not include any religious context.  Other ideas for this blog will include recipes, cooking techniques, and sometimes just various thoughts – mostly about food, but maybe sometimes step beyond the yellow line.

Well, there’s articles to write, and food to cook, so enjoy the articles and the recipes.

Chef Lon E


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