Index – Food History

Below, is an index for the food, holidays, and themes that are mentioned in the articles, with links to those articles to help you get to what you want to read faster:

Food History and Origins

Aphrodisiacs                                       August 2015

Apples                                                 September 2015

Beans                                                   March 2016

Beets                                                     January 2016

Blintzes                                                June 2016

Borscht                                                 January 2016

Bread                                                  April 2015

Cabbage                                              October 2016

Cheese                                                May 2015

Chicken Noodle Soup                    December 2016

Chickpeas                                         March 2016

Chinese Food                                   January 2017

Corn                                                    November 2015

Corned Beef                                     March 2017

Eggs                                                    February 2017

Figs                                                     June 2015

Honey                                                 September 2016

Hot Dogs                                             July 2016    

Kreplach                                             October 2015

Lamb                                                  April 2016

Lox                                                       February 2016

Onions                                                April 2017

Pancakes                                            June 2016

Picnic Foods                                       May 2016

Potato                                                 December 2015

Potato Latkes / Pancakes              December 2015

Scallions                                            April 2017

Shakshuka                                        February 2017

Smoked Fish                                     February 2016

Sauerkraut                                         October 2016

Vegetarian                                         November 2016

13th Century England                     July 2015


Holidays, People, & Themes

Aliens (Outer Space)                                   May 2016

Baseball                                                          October 2016

Bees                                                                  September 2016

Black History Month                                   February 2017

Buddhism                                                       November 2016

Chanukah                                                         December 2015December 2016

Coney Island                                                    July 2016    

Ethiopian Jews                                               February 2017

HaChodesh (parsha)                                     April 2016

Hashanah Rabbah                                           October 2015

Independence Day (US)                                 July 2016    

Insects                                                               September 2016

Irish, Jewish Connection With                   March 2017

Jewish Baseball Players                                October 2016

Jewish Calendar                                            January 2017

Kaifeng Jews                                                  January 2017

King Solomon                                                  February 2016

Lag B’Omer                                                       May 2016

Lost Tribe of Israel                                         November 2015

Loy Krathong                                                  November 2016

Magna Carta, Octocentennial                        July 2015

Medicine                                                         December 2016

Mount Sinai                                                   June 2016

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs                        July 2016    

Native Americans                                          November 2015

New Year’s Eve                                              January 2017

Passover                                                          April 2015

Passover, Alternative Traditions               April 2017

Picnics                                                               May 2016

Prostitutes                                                       June 2015

Purim                                                                March 2016

Queen Esther                                                 March 2016

Rosh Hashanah                                             September 2015September 2016

Saint Patrick’s Day                                      March 2017

Shavuot                                                           May 2015June 2016

Shelach (Parsha)                                           June 2015

Simchat Torah                                               October 2016

Solomon’s Temple                                      February 2016

Spies in Torah                                                June 2015

Thanksgiving                                               November 2015

Tu B’Av                                                          August 2015

World Series                                                 October 2016



Baked Apples                                                             September 2015

Baklava                                                                        September 2016

Beef Wellington                                                         October 2015

Blintzes, Cheese                                                         May 2015

Chickpea Salad                                                           March 2016

Chicken and Broccoli                                              January 2017

Chicken Noodle Soup                                              December 2016

Corn Soup                                                                   November 2015

Figs, Baked Ricotta-Stuffed Figs                           June 2015

Hot Dog (grilling tips)                                            July 2016    

Matzah Brei                                                                April 2015

Mustard                                                                     March 2017

Pancakes                                                                    June 2016

Poached Eggs N’ Lox                                               February 2016

Roasted Lamb and Potatoes                                  April 2016

Salad Dressing                                                           May 2016

Scallion Pancakes                                                      April 2017

Sesame Sauce w/ Thai Noodles                            November 2016

Spiced Cabbage                                                         October 2016

Strawberries, Chocolate Covered                         August 2015

Sweetato Latkes                                                         December 2015


Someplate In Time

England, 1215 – Octocentennial of Magna Carta (June 15, 1215)               July 2015


By the Article

Bread, the Symbol of Jewish History

A Brooklyn Memoir: Coney Island, Hot Dogs, and Judaism

Counting to 33: The Lag B’Omer Mystery

The Curious Case of Esther and the Chickpeas

Eat Onions and Sit in the Shade: The Non-Traditional Passover

Ezekiel: From Sheep to Spaceships

A Fish Tale

For the Love of Torah, For the Love of the Game

From Ethiopia to Israel: A Journey

The Gift of Cheese

How to Woo Your Partner: Tu B’Av and the Art, Myth, and History of Aphrodisiacs


The Jewish – Native American Connection

Jewish Penicillin

Kreplach: A Look Beneath the Dough

Land of Milk and Honey?

A Rose by Any Other Name . . . .

Someplate in Time: England 1215 

A Stack of Pancakes/ A Mountain of Faith

There’s More Than One Way to Fry a Potato

These Jewish Eyes Are Smiling

Two Spies, A Fig, and a Prostitute

What A Difference a Year Makes









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